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A non-invasive,
in-office procedure
to help restore
and improve
erectile function

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UroWave is a pain-free, needle-free, surgery-free cost effective treatment for ED. We offer long-term solutions with no hidden costs.

First Urology is the only UroWave treatment facility in the region in which board-certified physicians oversee your treatment!

Call First Urology today to schedule your free consult! UroWave is an effective non-invasive long-term ED solution.  We are here to help.


UroWave is a pain-free, needle-free, surgery-free, long-term solution for erectile dysfunction. Low-intensity shockwaves have been used in many treatments for decades to encourage tissue to regenerate. With UroWave technology, this same proven technology is utilized to encourage the growth and repair of blood vessels to reverse the effects of ED.

An illustration of how the Urowave process works.

This in-office procedure takes approximately 15 to 50 minutes, in which 500 to 1,000 acoustic pressure waves are administered to four areas of the penis. That’s it! No need for anesthesia, medication, or injections.


UroWave treatment with First Urology means you have board-certified urologists overseeing your treatment. Our physicians are the experts on erectile dysfunction.

UroWave is a time-tested treatment for ED.

UroWave is a needle-free, pill-free, surgery-free long-term solution for ED

UroWave has been used in Europe successfully for over a decade!

Call and make an appointment for your free consultation today!


1. What is the success rate of the UroWave?

The average success rate is 70 to  80%. Success does vary from patient to patient. Some examples of improvement include, but are not limited to, longer erections, changes in sensitivity, and improvement with rigidity.


Patients have also reported either a decrease in or no need for medication. Others were able to stop injections and move to an oral medication.

2. How long does it take to see results?

Some patients have experienced immediate improvement. However, it can take 4-6 weeks after a patient’s last treatment to see the full benefits of UroWave. The blood vessels within the penis were not damaged overnight and they will not heal overnight. It takes time to repair damaged blood vessels and for new blood vessels to grow.

3. How long is each treatment and how often do I come for treatments?

You will have one treatment per week for 12 weeks. In office treatments are 20-30 minutes per treatment. 

4. If I begin with 12-treatments and discover I need additional sessions, may I move forward immediately or do I have to wait?
Patients can do 12 consecutive treatments. After that, there is a mandatory 4-week break. This allows for the patient and physician to assess treatment results. You will not “undo” any progress made by waiting.

5. I am taking oral medications for ED, should I continue to take that while in treatment?
If a patient is already taking oral medications to improve ED, then we encourage him to continue taking that medication, especially while in treatment. These medications are vasodilators which open the blood vessels allowing more blood flow. UroWave heals and rejuvenates existing blood vessels and creates new blood vessels. Taking the oral medication in conjunction with UroWave treatment can be beneficial.

6. I have Diabetes/Prostatectomy/Prostate Cancer treated with radiation. Will UroWave work for me?

Patients with these conditions have had great success with UroWave. Unless directed otherwise by your board-certified urologist, we typically recommend beginning with 6-treatments  If more treatments are needed or wanted, they can be added later.

7. I have Peyronie’s Disease (curvature of the penis). Will UroWave help with that?
While there have been patients that believe UroWave has lessened their curvature, we do not recommend UroWave for this purpose. We use UroWave to treat erectile dysfunction. If there is an improvement of Peyronie’s then that is a bonus, but patients should not expect to see that type of improvement with UroWave. We do offer other options for those with Peyronie’s Disease which our board-certified urologists would be happy to speak with you about.

8. What can I do outside of treatment to improve my ED?
The UroWave is designed to improve blood flow to produce better quality erections, but there are things you can do to help even more. We recommend patients do regular Kegel exercises as they can help improve rigidity. There are other recommendations which your physician will discuss with you during your consultation.

9. What is the difference between what First Urology does and other local clinics that offer similar treatments?

First Urology uses the Storz-Duolith T-Top 1, which is used in the Focused method of treatment. The Focused method is a superior method of treatment because the waves produced travel at 1500 meters per second breaking the sound barrier, which is required to trigger Neovascularization (creating new blood vessels) at the cellular level. This energy is potent enough to penetrate beneath the skin level to treat damaged blood vessels.


10. How do I sign up for UroWave?
Call (502) 389-4080 to schedule your free consultation. You may also fill out and submit the Contact Us form below, and our UroWave Coordinator will reach out to you.

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First Urology is the only physician group in the region offering UroWave acoustic energy treatment under the direct supervision of a board-certified urologist. With extensive experience with urological conditions, our board-certified urologists bring their knowledge and expertise to UroWave treatment offering a holistic urological solution. Our goal is to provide overall health and quality of life to each of our patients.


As physicians we believe that our focus should be on the quality of life of our patients not on the bottom line.  Our goal is always to put the person first. Therefore we made this procedure more affordable than many other facilities. We truly want this technology to be an option for every man in need of ED care.


We recognize that each person has different needs, therefore, our physician based practice offers three treatment options:

  • 12 treatments for $2000

  • Annual package for $3000

  • Once you meet with our urology team, a treatment plan will be developed to meet your specific needs.​

10% off for military and first responders (active, retired, and veteran).

If you have any questions or want to make an appointment to see one of our board-certified urologists, please call us at (502) 389-4080.


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